Pilots’ Information

Transponder Settings

Unless the Fairoaks FISO requests that a pilot selects a different transponder setting pilots of aircraft departing from Fairoaks shall set their transponder as shown below. Pilots shall utilise the transponder to the maximum serviceable extent with altitude reporting selected when fitted.

0457Aircraft departing the circuit
7010Aircraft remaining within the circuit

Note: 7000 should not be used by pilots of aircraft departing Fairoaks except as noted below. 

Pilots of aircraft departing from Fairoaks with the intention of entering the London CTR will normally be requested by the Fairoaks FISO to select a transponder setting which has been allocated by Heathrow. On the rare occasions when the Fairoaks FISO has been unable to affect coordination with Heathrow pilots should select 7000, until allocated a unique squawk by Heathrow.