Pilot Out of hours Form

Pilots’ Information

Out of Hours Flying

Fairoaks Airport permits out of hours flying provided that the pilot of the aircraft adheres to the following Administration requirements, and accepts the Terms and Conditions listed below.

  • An Out-of-Hours form MUST be used for all flights at Fairoaks that take place outside of the published operating hours.
  • Prior to departure or after arrival the completed form is to be posted through the letter box of the Administration Office door (1st floor tower building).
  • Alternatively the completed form can be sent via e-mail to the tower (see Contact Us) prior to departure or by 1000 the following day for arrivals.
  • Blank copies are available from the Tower, in the Flight Planning room at the base of the Tower or can be downloaded from Pilots’ Information → Downloads.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all flights which take place at Fairoaks Airport when the Air Traffic Service Unit is closed.

  • No arrivals or departures by aeroplanes shall take place between 2200 and 0700 local time. All arrivals and departures requiring the use of the runway on Sundays before 1000 and after 2000 shall require a runway slot.
  • Pilots must comply with the requirements of the Air Navigation Order and the Rules of the Air Regulations.
  • The aircraft must be covered by third party insurance to a value of at least £1,000,000. Acceptable evidence of this insurance to be produced to the aerodrome operator whenever required.
  • The use of the aerodrome during daylight hours only, and in accordance with all local aerodrome rules.
  • Landing fees where applicable may be paid by cheque attached to this form or by telephoning the Tower.
  • The pilot understands that when making a landing at, or taking off from Fairoaks Airport outside the operational hours published in the UK AIP (or elsewhere) neither Aerodrome Flight Information Service facilities nor Rescue and Fire Fighting crew will be available and that the aerodrome will in such circumstances will not be available to aircraft requiring a licensed aerodrome within the provision of Article 208 of the Air Navigation Order.
  • The pilot shall nominate a “responsible person” who shall notify the appropriate authorities in the event of an aircraft accident or incident. The pilot and the “responsible person” shall agree the means by which the “responsible person” is aware in a timely manner whether or not the aircraft has landed safely. Additionally if the aircraft fails to arrive within 30 minutes of the estimated time of arrival the “responsible person” must contact the AFPEX Helpdesk by telephone (0845-6010483 or 01489-612792).

NO flying training or circuit flying outside of published operating hours.