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General Aviation Reports

The requirements for submission of a General Aviation Report can be found under Pilots’ Information → Flying Abroad.

It should be noted that when submitting a General Aviation Report which involves notifying Special Branch a copy of the General Aviation Report must be submitted to the relevant police authority or authorities.

For example a flight from Fairoaks → Jersey → Fairoaks or Fairoaks → Jersey → Redhill → Fairoaks would require that only Surrey Police is notified since both Fairoaks and Redhill are in Surrey whilst a flight from Fairoaks → Jersey → Blackbushe → Fairoaks would require that Surrey Police is notified for the Fairoaks → Jersey flight and Hampshire Police is notified for the Jersey → Blackbushe flight.

It should be noted that General Aviation Reports submitted as described under Pilots’ Information → Flying Abroad will be forwarded to the UK Border Agency and Surrey Police as appropriate, but not to any other police force.

A blank General Aviation Report form can be downloaded from the Downloads section of this web-site.