Pilot Out of hours Form

Pilots’ Information

Airport Regulations

  • First time visitors are required to obtain a telephone briefing (01276 857300).
  • Pilots are responsible for the safety and conduct of their passengers whilst airside at this airport.
  • Not available to aircraft unable to communicate by radio.
  • Aerodrome is not available to weight shift microlights.
  • No circuit training permitted on PHs and outside published operating hours.
  • Aerodrome closed to all traffic on Christmas day.
  • When the visibility is less than 3000 metres, landing operations for Twin turbo-prop aircraft with certified weights above 5700 kg and turbo-fan aircraft of any weight that are not normally based at Fairoaks Airport will not normally be permitted. If the operation is conducted in accordance with a JAA AOC then the minimum landing visibility shall be as stated in the operators Operations Manual.
  • Due to planning restrictions, only four runway movements are permitted before 1000 (local) on Sundays. A similar restriction of only four movements also applies after 2000 (local). Pilots who wish to operate before 1000 or after 2000 on Sundays must obtain a runway slot from the tower. No fixed wing movements are permitted between 2200 and 0700 local.
  • High visibility clothing must be worn by all personnel on the apron and manoeuvring area between sunset and sunrise, except for passengers who are being escorted.
  • With the exception of approved operators, the aerodrome is not available for circuit flying by non-Fairoaks based aircraft.